Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Herogasm #2 cover

The first issue of The Boys spin-off, Herogasm, isn't even out yet but Dynamite Entertainment has already released the Darick Robertson cover for #2.

Will this comic be even more over the top than it's parent series? That's too tough to call right now (The Boys has DEFINITELY had it's "Holy fuck!" moments), but judging by the two covers we've seen so far it will certainly give it a run for its money.

Herogasm #2 is out in June. Look for #1 in May.


Planetary #27 on its way?!

Yesterday @warrenellis posted a Twitter saying he received notification from DC that John Cassaday had uploaded the completed art for issue #27 of Planetary.

Now Warren has posted on his official site that this is indeed a fact. He even uploaded the below page to prove that this isn't some April Foolery:

Nerds everywhere are rejoicing.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Image Releases Pherone Graphic Novel In April

Everyone likes spies, right? When the spy in question is a sexed up hot cakes that just might be losing her shit, well count me in!

Comic Book Resources has alerted us to the new original graphic novel called Pherone that will be released by Image in April.

CBR discussed Pherone with producer Philo Northrup. Here's a snippet of what Philo had to say:

“Pherone” is the story of Eve, a spy undergoing a breakdown. “Eve is a stunningly beautiful, highly trained espionage agent on the edge of her sanity. We follow her as she dispatches her missions with great skill, but it soon becomes apparent that Eve has lost her way,” Northrup told CBR. “She has doubts. She blacks out after missions. She's falling apart. This story follows Eve as she puts herself back together and finds out about her past. A lot of action happens because people keep getting in Eve's way.”

Fans of classic crime and modern espionage will likely be drawn to “Pherone.” It follows Northrup’s characterization of the graphic novel as “Raymond Chandler meets Jason Bourne, starring a sexy woman.” “’Pherone’ is dark and Viktor Kalvachev's artwork is charged with tension,” he continued. “Themes of trust, perception, and redemption underpin the action. I think that's why this story resonates so well.

I'm digging the premise as well as the Sin City-esque art.

Click over to the original article to read more and to see more previews.


Wanna Write The Doctor Strange Movie?

Fanboys everywhere, including yours truly, always like to play Monday Morning Script Writer when it comes to comic book movies. Well, now's our chance as it appears Marvel is looking for a few good nerds to help with some of the upcoming "lesser-known properties" feature films.

Our friends over at Latino Review bring us the news:

According to the trades, Marvel is looking to expand its writing talent pool in order to get help with its upcoming Comic Book Film Bonanza that will fill the film slate for the next four years. Apparently they are gathering scribes that will help Marvel come up with creative ways to launch its lesser-known properties, such as Black Panther, Cable, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Nighthawk and Vision.


Marvel will look for these scribes in house, picking up to five writers per year. I think this is smart; this is a good way to get some new blood and new ideas into the mix and get away from the stale story telling that seems to be plaguing Hollywood as of late. The story goes on to say that “So far, it has focused its efforts on more popular superheroes like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.”

Our guess is they will be looking for some sort of previous writing experience to fill these positions, but I think at least one hire should be someone who just happens to be a long time comic reader. There's no one better to help steer your ship then a small piece of your audience (as long as you pick the right!).

Not sure exactly how one goes about submitting their resume for this, but we might suggest non-stop Twittering to the Marvel higher-ups until you get their attention.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wolverine 2 Already Being Prepped?

Although this is entirely pure speculation at this stage, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that this is probably the case. Why wouldn't Fox, who has already made an ass load off of the three X-Men movies and will all but assuredly make another shit ton off the upcoming Wolverine movie, not already be planning a sequel to it so they can make fuck loads more? It makes complete sense.

What doesn't necessarily make sense is who is being rumored to write the script. Ain't It Cool News is reporting that the man with the adamantium testicles this time around is none other than Slumdog Millionare scribe Simon Beaufoy.


Nothing against Simon, even though I didn't really care for Slumdog Millionaire, but why? If this report is to be trusted, Simon admitted to not even knowing what a "wolverine" is.

Score another one for the Hollywood best and brightest.

Again, at this point this is almost fifth hand information but it is the internet so that kind of makes it half true by default, right?

Sorry to be so cynical. Honestly, the upcoming Wolverine movie looks really well done and a sequel has got to be at least a year and a half away at this point. At least. That should give Simon some time to either realize that he isn't the best person for the job or to get really serious about it and make a ridiculously great second installment.

While this does leaves me scratching my head a bit, I do remain ultimately optimistic for the best.


New Wormwood Prints For Sale

The always amazing Ben Templesmith has put some beautiful, and more importantly affordable, new Wormwood prints up for sale.

Here's what Ben has to say:

The time has finally come. I'm clearing out my Cafepress store. From tomorrow, all the old prints will be gone and a whole bunch of new ones, which are already up, will be what's left. Put up quite a variety this time. Cafepress isn't too bad for prints, though be advised these aren't the fine art prints I do up myself, these are a POD type deal. Give em a click and see what you think. This here is a new image to celebrate it. Next step is to finally have some t-shirt/extra stuff up. I've neglected this sort of stuff for too long! I have plans...oh do I have plans...

Grab the bank card and head over to Ben's CafePress store. Trust me, these will look really rad on your wall.

Credit goes to for bringing this to our attention.


American Jesus movie details emerge

So I picked up the first American Jesus trade yesterday (true to my word!). Haven't cracked the cover yet, but details of the pending movie have surfaced today.

The Hollywood

Fresh off their collaboration on "Kick-Ass," filmmaker Matthew Vaughn and comics creator Mark Millar are in talks to reteam for another comic-book adaptation.


A summer start is being posited, though Vaughn also is developing another project with Millar, a still-in-the-works actioner. Millar, while also writing such titles as "Wolverine" and "Ultimate X-Men," has written creator-owned comics that have caught Hollywood's fancy, including last year's summer hit "Wanted." He also has "War Heroes" set up at Columbia.

Mark has got to have more movies in development right now than Apatow Productions. OMG Spoilerz, Plz! can also confirm that Mr. Millar had quote "a great idea in the shower today" and Sony has already optioned the rights to it.

No- not really. We are still awaiting confirmation from Mark's publicist on that.